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How To Consider All Feedback Effectively

How To Consider All Feedback Effectively How To Consider All Feedback Effectively
As your customers are the basis of your business success, listening to what they have to say about your business, your products and services and your customer service is crucial! Today we will be looking into exactly why it is so important to take all the feedback that your business receives into consideration and implement changes in your business based on this.
While filtering through the feedback your business accumulates, remember to give some thought and consideration to negative feedback as much as you allow yourself to feel proud about the positive feedback. While it is awesome that your business is collecting positive reviews, and those positive comments deserve to be celebrated, don't forget to read over negative comments about the business objectively as well. Taking negative feedback into account can help to shine a light on the areas of your business that could potentially need to be altered.
Reviews and feedback for your business can be collected in many different ways, such as keeping a physical box with comment cards at your brick and mortar business, or online through Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, Alignable and so on. These sites are very helpful as you can not only read your business's feedback - but you can also respond to it! This is beneficial as the way that you respond to feedback and a customer's bad experiences can say a lot about your business and this is a great way to try and fix a previous issue or gain more insight into a situation. How you respond to negativity is the most important part - not the previous issue itself.
Of course, take purely negative reviews with a grain of salt and consult with your team to confirm the details of negative comments first before making any major changes, then also make sure to do a self and business assessment when going over negative feedback to make sure that these comments aren't bringing to light something that does need to be changed or a situation that needs to be corrected.
Asking for reviews from happy customers is another great way to show off positive feedback for your business! Have you had a customer contact you saying how much they loved your business, product or service? Amazing! Utilize this positivity and see if they will take some time to give your business a glowing review.
You can do this by simply saying:
"Thank you so much for the positive feedback! It means a lot to me and my team. If you have a few spare minutes, would you mind writing a quick online review about your experience on Facebook/Google My Business/Yelp/Alignable - it would help our business reach more people and I would greatly appreciate that."
Allow your customers to guide your business, as after all - they are the reason you're in business in the first place! Want to learn more about creating a strong relationship with your customers? Read our previous blog post on How To Create Meaningful Connections With Your Customers by clicking here. 


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