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What is BarterPay?

BarterPay Niagara is a business-to-business bartering exchange economy. With a local
membership based in the Niagara region, we help small-to-medium size businesses boost their business by
leveraging their goods and services and bartering for the things they need most.

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How does it work?

We are a membership network with a digital means of exchange called Barter Credits. Businesses offer their goods and/or services at fair retail value to the membership in exchange for Barter Credits (1 BP = $1 CAD, for value and taxation purposes), and in turn use their Barter Credits with other BarterPay Niagara members to purchase the things that they need.


You provide a service - say you're a landscaper. You need a new website and based on a few quotes you've budgeted $5,000 to have it built. Well you can buy it three different ways:

You can just write a check out of your current bank account
You can spend countless hours trying to find a web developer that needs five thousand dollars in landscape services
You can open an account with BarterPay Niagara and pay for the website by offering your landscaping services to other members of the BarterPay network at a dollar-for-dollar value.
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What are the benefits?

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You buy at the incremental cost of goods ($$$ savings)

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Bartering promotes a socially-conscious sharing economy

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Keep your money in the bank by participating in an alternative form of commerce

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You are part of a membership AND a network of like-minded individuals, gaining extra exposure for your business to this group of people and businesses

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You get what you need, and generate new sales as a result

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You can monetize your idle inventory, unsold time, and valuable services

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