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I own a franchise, can I barter?

Yes, if you own a franchise you are still able to barter, as long as you make sure that you are including barter sales in your revenue when calculating your franchise royalty.

How should I price my products and services when offering them on Barter?

You should be pricing products and services at your regular fair market pricing (i.e, what you would normally charge a customer). However, you are not required to offer discount pricing on barter. Any member who tries to inflate their price will be warned, and then politely told they will have to leave our membership.

Can I only use my Barter Credits in Niagara?

No, you are able to use your Barter Credits with any member across the country. BarterPay currently has 12 franchised locations (including Niagara) across the country, in addition to a number of regions managed by BarterPay Canada (which includes the majority of the Golden Horseshoe).

How will you promote my products and services?

We have a number of ways to promote your products and services, including but not limited to: weekly e-blasts to the membership, individual email promotions, shout-outs on our social media platforms, but most importantly your personal broker will be connecting you to our other members, as we are always creating new deals between members.

What if I am not happy with a product or service I have purchased from another member?

The first step is to contact the company that provided you the product or service, just as you normally would. If you are unable to come to a resolution, you can contact your broker and make them aware of the situation. We will try to help our very best where we can, but we cannot actually arbitrate the issue or insure your satisfaction with any transaction. However, we are very proud of our brand and the members that are a part of BarterPay Niagara. If you ever deal with another member that you had a very bad experience with, please let us know right away, as we will not tolerate any of our members treating another member poorly.

What are Barter Credits?

Barter Credits are  the "currency" of BarterPay Niagara. Barter transactions between companies are actually converted to Barter Credits (one Barter Credit is equal to one CDN dollar in value) and are reflected in each company's "BarterPay account". The “BP” to CDN$ conversion rate is fixed at 1:1.

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