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Case Studies

Direct Response Media Group

Direct Response Media Group (DRMG) is Canada’s leading direct mail and digital marketing company. Distributing to over 175 million homes annually through Solo and Shared Media products including flagship brand, Money Saver.  DRMG combines the physical print experience with integrated digital options, offering real-time performance tracking with DRMG Insight, DRMG’s signature tool.

Whether you want to save money on restaurants, entertainment, health and beauty, home improvement, groceries, shopping, travel, or on your automobile - MoneySaver Niagara is for you!

Money Saver Niagara is a direct-to-home print magazine that is distributed to 150,000 homes across the Niagara Region. They decided to join BarterPay Niagara in October of 2010.

Sam Mumford, owner of Money Saver Niagara, fell in love with barter right away. He loved the idea of being able to sell empty ad space in his magazines for FULL VALUE. To date, Sam has bartered over $275,000 worth of ads through BarterPay Niagara. Any advertising company with extra space or capacity has very little reason not to utilize the power of bartering!

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