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Gain Clarity By Focusing On Your Business' Core Values

Gain Clarity By Focusing On Your Business' Core Values Gain Clarity By Focusing On Your Business' Core Values
Let's talk about creating and sticking to core values for your business and how to use them to create a reliable brand, image and reputation for your business: 
When building up your business, establishing your business' core values and living those values every day helps you to stay on track! Your business' core values are also the basis of the way you run your business, your brand and your short and long term business goals - so how do you narrow down exactly what your core values are/should be? Well, core values go beyond just plastering a mission statement on your wall; they are the foundation of the "why" you do what you do and inform the "how" you do it. You need to live and breathe them and have them become a fully integrated philosophy that carries through everything you do.⁣ If your values aren't clear, you'll have a much harder time connecting with your ideal customer, because customers are smart. They're savvy. They KNOW when a business isn't being authentic, and are less likely to trust you, your products and your services as a result. ⁣
Not sure where to start? Here are some questions to ask yourself: ⁣
  • What do I want my business to be known for?⁣
  • How does my business serve others?⁣
  • If I were to sell my business tomorrow, what would I want the new owner to keep doing?⁣
  • What area of my business do I derive the most pleasure and happiness from?⁣
  • What would be the hardest thing to lose in my business?
Try writing out the answers to these questions and begin building your business' core values from there! Not sure how to take your core values and weave them throughout your business and branding? No worries! There are many ways to go about this. You could: 
  • Hire a professional that can help you take your ideas and put them into action in your business/branding (We love Mcknight Inclusive Design for this!) 
  • Create a plan yourself to implement your values into your business by going through yourself & your employee's typical day and seeing where you can slot in these values in a way that will be apparent and beneficial for you, your team and your customers
  • Play around with your branding until it best reflects your business' core values (You could get started with this by changing your logo, mission statements, policies and practices, social media content and anything else you feel doesn't accurately reflect your business) 
Need more assistance with creating and implementing core values into your business and branding? Book a call with our team to discuss the ways that BarterPay Niagara can help you accomplish this! 
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