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Case Studies

Niagara Jazz Festival

The Niagara Jazz Festival joined BarterPay in June of 2018.

Juliet Dunn, Executive Director, thought the idea was very intriguing. She could sell extra tickets through the BarterPay Niagara network for their shows that had not sold out, and could sell those tickets at full value. These empty seats turned into Barter Credits (1 BP = $1 CAD, for value and taxation purposes). The Niagara Jazz Festival is then able to spend these Barter Credits with other BarterPay Niagara members to offset cash expenses.

Every season one of their bigger costs is printing their Annual Report. At a price point of $5,000, it’s a pretty big outlay. This time they decided to use BarterPay Niagara to cover the cost of the printing job. The Niagara Jazz Festival was able to sell around $5000 worth of extra ticket sales that were going to end up unsold. BarterPay Niagara was then able to connect the Niagara Jazz Festival with another BarterPay member, who was a printing company. The Jazz Festival turned around and ended up paying for all of the Annual Reports with just under BP 4000 (Barter Credits) - a much better price than they were quoted. They were able to save thousands of dollars by utilizing their barter credits on this purchase, instead of paying with CAD for it.

The extra exposure that the Niagara Jazz Festival enjoyed via BarterPay Niagara also helped their unsold shows fill up, and create a bigger and better ambience.

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