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How To Reach Your Customers Through An Omnichannel Media Strategy

How To Reach Your Customers Through An Omnichannel Media Strategy How To Reach Your Customers Through An Omnichannel Media Strategy

It's no secret that social media is a huge part of our daily lives now! With that shift has come the fact that business is increasingly done in online settings now. Therefore, it's super important to ensure that your small business is making the most out of online marketing and networking through the use of social media. But where to start? There are so many different social channels and all of them have different strategies that can be used to grow your business. Confusing, right? Well, no need to worry because we have some easy steps on how to start reaching your customers through the use of an omnichannel media strategy:


1. Figure out which social channels your niche market gravitates towards. Don't know what your business's niche market is? We have a previous blog post about Finding Your Niche Market here! 


2. Take some time exploring the different social channels that your niche market gravitates toward (whether that's Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and pick a few of those social channels that you actually enjoy creating content for. 


3. Make sure you're able to create high-quality content on your chosen channels and then figure out how to repurpose that high-quality content differently throughout each of the different channels that you've selected.


4. Research how to best work with the algorithm of each social channel and utilize your ability to make sure that your content can reach your desired audience.


5. Take advantage of hashtags! Try researching which hashtags and/or keywords pertain best to your business and content. You can also use sites like Tailwind to help suggest different Instagram hashtags.  


6. As you become more comfortable with creating content for your chosen social channels, begin to branch out into new ones to reach a wider audience! Repeat some of the initial steps and research as needed and continue to branch out and repurpose your content to fit into a new channel. 


7. You could also book a consultation with a social media management specialist to have them help you with hashtags, ideas for content creation, tips and tricks on how to create reels or static graphics and so on or even take an online social media course to help your skills improve. 


With a little bit of practice, you'll be able to get some great high-quality content up and running for your business. Still feeling overwhelmed or have questions about how to begin your omnichannel media strategy? Reach out to your Barter Coach to see how they can help you achieve this! 


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