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How To End 2021 On A High Note

How To End 2021 On A High Note How To End 2021 On A High Note

Can you believe that there's only one month of 2021 left?! Neither can we! Here are some ideas on how to end off this year feeling happy, fulfilled and ready to take on 2022... 


Spend some time in reflection of the past year: 

Take a moment to yourself to mentally reflect or journal on the best parts of 2021, the lessons you learned and what you are excited to bring with you into the new year and what you are feeling relieved to be leaving behind. Another way to do this is to look back over pictures and videos from the past year and reminisce on some of its more memorable moments! 


Decorate the house for whatever holiday you celebrate:

Add some festive cheer to your home and put out your favourite seasonal decorations. Bonus points if you put up the ones that make you smile whenever you see them! It will add an extra boost of happiness to your home's atmosphere - well worth the effort. 


Make time for family and friends:

Spend as much time as you're able to with those you love. You can combine this activity with any of the others on this list for an extra fun time! Nothing sparks cheer and feelings of fulfilment quite like spending time with your favourite people. 


Spend a day shopping at local businesses for holiday gifts: 

What better way to support the local businesses that you love than by having a holiday shopping spree at them?! Spoil yourself, friends, family and small business owners with this exciting idea. 


Take the little bit of extra time to cook a new recipe and/or make some fun and festive drinks: Try out that dinner or dessert recipe that you've been thinking about since this time last year, brew up a classic and cozy hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows or try out a new fun cocktail or seasonal beverage of your choosing! 


Spend some time in nature: 

You'd be surprised how refreshing yet relaxing spending some time outside in the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful sights of this time of year can be. This activity can be done solo or with your loved ones - or both! 


Enjoy some self-care time: 

You deserve some time to rest and recharge. Take a day (or two) to pamper yourself and engage in whatever self-care activities are calling to you! Need some self-care inspo? Click here... 



All of us here at BarterPay Niagara hope that you find some time to try out one (or all) of these festive, relaxing, feel-good activities and head into 2022 feeling your best. Enjoy your last month of 2021!


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