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Helpful Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Winning In The BarterPay It Forward 2021 Fall Auction!

Helpful Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Winning In The BarterPay It Forward 2021 Fall Auction! Helpful Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Winning In The BarterPay It Forward 2021 Fall Auction!

The BarterPay It Forward 2021 Fall Auction has begun and there's still lots of time left to bid on any items that you're interested in! Here are a few helpful auction tips to improve your chances of winning... 


Try setting a proxy bid and walking away: 

Members who can't attend the final moments of the auction can increase their chances of winning by submitting a proxy bid. A proxy bid allows you to enter the maximum amount you're willing to spend to win the item at the lowest possible price. The system will bid for you, up to your maximum proxy bid amount, as additional bids are entered on the item. This is a great option if you don't expect to have a good wifi connection and/or cell service in the final moments of the auction. Ties are also broken by the first proxy bid. 



Keep tabs on the items that you're interested in: 

To be notified by all bidding activity on an item, add the item to your Watchlist by clicking the heart on the item so that it turns pink. You can view the items that are on your Watchlist by clicking the heart button on the auction bar (next to the Search box). 



Search for items in your area: 

Although most items can be shipped, you can also bid for items specifically in your region! 



Some extra info about the auction and the platform it's hosted on: 

All bids are in Barter Credits & all sales are final! Normally, a "BP" is used to indicate the method of payment, but the platform it's currently hosted on doesn't give that option. A minimum of 10% of all sales will be donated back to the foundation by the individual or business putting the item up in the auction. Whether GST/PST/HST will be charged (in BP) over and above the auction bid amount will be noted on each item as applicable. Instructions on how to register for the auction are listed below. Feel free to reach out to your Barter Coach if you have any questions as they will be happy to help guide you through the auction process. Happy bidding! 



How to register for the auction: 
The auction opens Monday. Nov 15th and closes on Nov. 18th!
Auction Registration Steps:
  • Go to & click the "Login" link
    • If you already have an account with 32 auctions - input your information & login
    • If you do not have a 32 auctions account - click 'create an account now' link, and then log in with that new account.
  • Once logged in to 32auctions, click on this link
  • On the auction, Click on any item & you will see a yellow bar at the top of the page “request access”.  Click the link to request access to bid.
  • You will receive an email back from 32auctions when you have been granted access. At that point, you can go back to to preview the items and start bidding! 




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