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Five Easy Mood Boosters For Small Business Owners

Five Easy Mood Boosters For Small Business Owners Five Easy Mood Boosters For Small Business Owners

We know that owning and operating a small business can be quite overwhelming. You do so much for your business and can often get caught up in a busy, rushed trance and forget to slow down for a second and recognize how much you've accomplished! If you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed and could use a mental refresh or a boost of inspiration and motivation then here are some easy ways to remind yourself of how far you've come and why you're doing what you're doing. Try taking 5-10 minutes during your day to do a couple of these activities and see if it boots your mood: 


1.) Celebrate the little wins! This could be anything from gaining followers on Instagram to being busy enough/financially able to hire a team member, to finishing your day an hour early to enjoy your evening, having a great interaction with a customer, even celebrating the hard work of yourself and your team in a fun way together. Anything that's made you feel proud of yourself, your business or your team - celebrate it! Those little wins all add up and are ultimately how you have become as successful as you are. These little moments deserve recognition and credit to you and your team for making them happen. 


2.) Brainstorm and journal or write out your goals for the future and where you are excited to take your business! Sometimes remembering and/or figuring out where you're headed is the inspirational and energizing push you need to have a really great day! Plus, reminding yourself where you are going regularly can help you stay on track with accomplishing your goals. Don't know how to plan for the future of your business? Click here to read our previous blog post entitled How To Create A Business Plan You Will Be Excited To Follow!


3.) Try thinking of this quote -  "When you feel like quitting, remember why you started." Some days are a real slog. And that's okay. Acknowledge what your body and mind need and try to start working on the easy tasks of the day. Remember where you started and how far you've come. Appreciate all the work you've put into your project so far. A little bit of perspective goes a long way!


4.) Check in on your mental health. Are you doing okay or could you use some self-care time? If you employ a team - check-in on the workplace dynamics. Is your team's mental health okay? Is everyone content with their workload or do things need to be updated to make everyone's workflow better? Click here to read our previous post on How To Maintain Mental Health And Wellness For You And Your Staff


5.) Make a list of your favourite parts of owning your own business and journal a bit on why they make you happy! It's sure to put you in a great headspace to take on your day. 


We hope that these little tips and tricks help to boost your mood and make you feel proud of yourself and all that you've accomplished! You work hard and you definitely deserve a moment to recognize your success and feel good about the work that you're doing. Try these out daily (doing these first thing in the morning is a great way to start every day!) and see if they help put you into an awesome mindset to take on your busy workday. You got this! 




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