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Cultivating Resilience in Your Professional Environment

Cultivating Resilience in Your Professional Environment Cultivating Resilience in Your Professional Environment

The ability to build a sense of resiliency for yourself and your employees can sometimes feel a lot more complicated than it is. While there are many different ways in which resilience can be taught and implemented to set yourself and your team up for success, here are a few helpful tips to get you started:


Reframe how you think. Consider alternative perspectives of both your situation and your response to it. There are some basic questions you can ask yourself: “What are the benefits of this situation?” and “What might my interpretation of the situation be missing?” in order to gain a better sense of understanding about stressful situations and allow yourself to deal with them more productively. 


Get some sleep. Adequate sleep can result in enhanced attention and creativity. Sleep is vitally important to your mental and physical health because it allows the brain to go from taking in new inputs to encoding, processing, and integrating the day’s experiences in a way that makes them available for future use. It is also very difficult to function and make good decisions on a lack of sleep. Find the time to rest your body and mind and try coming back to work feeling refreshed instead of burnt out, it will likely make a huge difference in your day! 


Find a substitute for sleep. If you just can't get enough sleep, try a short nap, a walk, yoga, or break to meditate instead. These practices can take your attention away from the specific situation at hand and give your mind a chance to move beyond stressful thoughts. This is a great way to improve your mental health and enhance your performance when getting adequate sleep just isn't an option. 


Explore the power of positivity. Research shows that when people are in positive states of mind, they think more broadly and openly. Positivity is a broad term covering many positive emotions including love, joy, appreciation, hope, serenity, gratitude, and amusement. Try utilizing the previous recommendations to create a more positive environment & habits, clean your space, eat nourishing food, take some time to put your needs first - etc. Taking even a few minutes out of your day to feel a sense of gratitude can put you into a much more positive mindset! 


By taking some time for yourself and combining the above habits to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine, it will be much easier to put yourself into a positive state of mind more often and push through tough/stressful times in a more productive and resilient way. 


Need some help in achieving a resilient workplace environment? Contact your Niagara Barter Coach to discuss what options are available through BarterPay to take better care of you & your staff’s mental & physical health! 


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