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Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment

Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment
An important tip in running any kind of business is to keep your employees happy! A team that feels supported & well taken care of will be much more productive and produce high quality products & services. A great way to ensure that your employees' needs are being met is to allow a space and time for them to voice their opinions in order to implement the necessary changes as needed.
Create a Healthy Work Environment
Some easy ways to get started with creating a healthy and productive workplace environment are:
 Set clear, achievable goals, and articulate them.
Invite your team members to participate in the goal-setting process to ensure that your targets are achievable and everyone knows how they are contributing to the larger success of the company.
Acknowledge, praise and celebrate your team's wins!
When you've built a strong team on a foundation of collaboration over competition, a win for one is a win for all! 
Offer feedback, not discipline, when projects don't go as planned.
There will always be things that can potentially derail a project or make you miss a target. The most important thing to remember is that your team is working to support your vision, so take time to include them in meaningful discusses, offer helpful feedback, and resist the urge to frame your disappointment as discipline. Remeber that you are a team and your employees are an integral part of your work & always deserve to be treated with respect, compassion and understanding! 
Help Prevent Physical & Mental Burnout
Overperforming can be just as damaging as underperforming. Even with a healthy work environment in place, you can still take practical steps to ensure that your team doesn't burn out.
Rest - Make sure you and your staff are taking some time to rest & recharge outside of the office. Rest & downtime should be an addition to proper sleeping habits - not a replacement. Although supplementing extra rest/downtime when adequate sleep isn't an option can still help you push through a busy period more productively!
Fun Time - While resting & downtime is important, so is having fun! Putting on some motivating music is a great example of incorporating a little bit of fun time into your work or weekend day.
Mental Health & Wellbeing Days - Try allowing a pre-determined number of Mental Health & Wellbeing days a month that are available for all to take whenever they are needed. With everyone making sure that their own health needs are being met, the entire team will be much more productive and able to produce higher quality products & services!
Team Bonding - Cultivating a healthy workplace culture is another great way to make sure that everyone is performing at their best. Taking a group yoga and/or meditation class together, going out for a team meal after work, having a game night, or even just carving out some time each month to allow all staff to hangout and chat are a few great ways to get started!
Break Time - Instead of having a rushed/stressful lunch break, take your allotted lunch or break period and turn it into an enjoyable part of your day. If staying in the office over lunch makes you feel as though you can't fully relax and enjoy your meal - go somewhere else! If working from home, try moving out of your workspace area while eating.
Move - Many of us sit down all day while working. This can make your blood flow stagnant & sometimes lead to sluggish feelings later in the day. Taking a few minutes to get up and move your body is a great way to get some blood flowing and bring your energy levels up.
By implementing these healthy workplace practices, you & your team will be well equipped to work together cohesively and productively in a safe and supportive environment!


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